NCCJS 2017

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November 17th - 19th

NCCJS Mission:

By convening intergenerational, multiracial, multi-issue spaces for popular education, NCCJS engenders the cultural shift necessary to address the root causes of climate change while broadening grassroots engagement in the climate movement at the local, regional and state levels.

The 4 Rs of Climate Justice –Reform, Resist, Re-Imagine, Re-Create

Achieving climate justice requires fundamental social transformation: all aspects of how people relate to each other and the earth—how we get and use energy, how we eat, where we live, how we transport ourselves, and what kinds of work we do—must rapidly shift to restore ecological balance and ensure racial and economic equity.  

The 4 Rs framework--developed by NCCJS Founder Jodi Lasseter--supports Summit participants to work together across different strategies, ensuring that everyone can contribute to a strong climate justice movement. Each of the Rs brings something essential to the process of social transformation, so it’s important that we share information and hone our skills in all four of these strategies.

Reform --‘Working In the System’

Session example from NCCJS 2015:  Repower Our Schools outlined their campaign to make public schools 100% reliant on renewable energy, providing hands-on STEM learning for students, lowering energy costs for the schools and reducing climate-warming pollution.

Resist -- ‘Working On the System’

Session example from NCCJS 2015: Debbie Cyr, an indigenous leader from the Mi’qmaw nation of New Brunswick, Canada, presented “Images of Resistance: Documentary Film and Visual Art as Tools” to share how her people successfully used direct action and social media to protect their land from fracking.

Re-Imagine: ‘Envisioning a New System’

Session example from NCCJS 2015: Dasan Ahanu and Ty Allen, two award-winning artists, presented “Rhythm, Rhyme and Revolution: the Art in Getting Free” which focused on creating poetry and music as a vehicle for lifting marginalized voices and envisioning a radically new world.  

Re-Create: ‘Testing Models for a New System’

Session example from NCCJS 2015: The Fund for Democratic Communities and Renaissance Community Co-op presented  “Community Wealth and Power Through Cooperatives” to demonstrate how residents in Northeast Greensboro came together to build community wealth, generate good paying jobs and provide fresh, affordable food in a former food desert.  

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