NCCJS 2017

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November 17th - 19th

Leadership Team

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Pictured left to right: Elijah, Omari, Mark, Jodi, Sarah, Ayo and Briana.

2016 NCCJS Leadership Team Members

Elijah Brunson, Fundraising  Team, Rachel Carson Center

Renuka Gogusetti, NCCJS Intern, Media and Outreach Team, NC State University

Sarah Kellogg, NCCJS Media and Outreach Team, Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture

Jodi Lasseter, NCCJS Founder and Co-Convener, PowerUp NC

Gregg Lasseter, NCCJS Logistics Team, Stellar Quick Books Services

Connie Leeper, NCCJS Co-Convener, NC WARN

Justine Oller, NCCJS Program Team, PowerUp NC/NCLCV

Briana Steele, NCCJS Media and Outreach Team, Alliance for Climate Education

Mark Ortiz, NCCJS Intern, UNC Chapel Hill

Bevelyn Ukah, NCCJS Program Team, Food Youth Initiative

Ayo Wilson, NCCJS Program Team, NC Environmental Justice Network

Omari Wilson, NCCJS Program Team, Land Loss Prevention Project

Advisory Council:

Jacquie Ayala, NC Sierra Club

Randolph Keaton, Men and Women United for Youth and Families, CDC

Ife Kilimanjaro, Greenpeace

Sarah Vekasi, Eco-Chaplaincy Initiative